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Eiffel Art

The art of freelance illustrator Matt Cummings - CONTACT: Matt @
Aug 30 '14

odds n’ ends

Aug 28 '14


I’m offering Pre-SPX Commissions! 

These are papercut/collage commissions with simple backgrounds like the examples above!

  • $60, with no shipping as they are intended to be picked up at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD!
  • I accept payment upfront through Paypal only.
  • Email me at laurenmichelejordan at with the subject line “SPX Commission” and references of your character or whoever else you’d like me to illustrate!
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission.

I will take on three commissions for now! I’ll update this post when the spots have been taken.

Thanks everyone!

crazy rare, limited edition commissions!

Aug 28 '14


It’s guest comic time with Emmy! Ever wonder what Battle Dog was doing before he showed up at Wyra’s party? Let’s find out~

LOOK LOOK!!!!! Emmy did a guest comic for Battle Dog! (: ♥

Aug 24 '14


I get to see my boyfriend soon.


Aug 24 '14

odds n’ ends

becca of beccaandthebox fame, original sketch by her, inked and coloured by me

and also a puppy

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Aug 19 '14
Aug 14 '14
IT’S OVER, FOREVER (????????????)

IT’S OVER, FOREVER (????????????)

Aug 12 '14

Fall Workshops


Hello everyone!

Occasionally I teach workshops at Urban Threads Studio in the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, IL.

Here are my upcoming workshops for the Fall:

Sept 20 - Hand Dyed Tights

Oct 7th - Beginner Crochet

Oct 20 - Beginner Crochet

Nov 1 - Repeat Pattern & Fabric Design for Spoonflower

If you live in the Chicago area, consider signing up for a class by clicking on the links above! :)


My lovely and talented girlfriend is doing some workshops! If you’re in the Chicago area, take a peek!

Aug 12 '14
Aug 10 '14
Aug 10 '14

odds and ends

Aug 6 '14
Aug 5 '14


Pages 21 & 22. Chapter 1.

If y’all ain’t reading BACK, now’s your chance!! 

Aug 2 '14
Aug 2 '14